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Photos of legend Hubert Laws and his pianist David Budway, captured live at the Bellevue Jazz Festival by award-winning photographer Daniel Sheehan… view the full set on his blog, EyeShot Jazz

Terrell Stafford on flugelhorn with the Clayton Brothers Quintet, live at the Bellevue Jazz Festival 2012, beautifully captured by Daniel Sheehan… view the entire set from the festival at EyeShotJazz | Jazz Photography

Human Spirit live at the Ballard Jazz Festival 2012, beautifully captured by Daniel Sheehan… band includes Thomas Marriott, Mark Taylor, Matt Jorgensen, Orrin Evans, and Phil Sparks… view the entire set from the festival at Ballard Jazz Festival | EyeShotJazz | Jazz Photography

Happy Birthday to Kai Winding, captured here back in 1947 by classic jazz photographer William Gottlieb… see our companion post on Jazz + Design + Art

[Portrait of Kai Winding, New York, N.Y.(?), ca. Jan. 1947] (LOC) by The Library of Congress on Flickr.

Dig some Kai Winding below:


Tenor Saxophonist Ben Wendel photographed in Brooklyn, New York by The Little Squares during our recording session for the upcoming short film “Not There, Here!” Thanks so much Ben!

(via davidmarriottjr)

Alto saxophonist Donald Harrison captured in action at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago by Farrad Ali, posted on Flickr…

Ben Williams and Sound Effect with saxophonist Jaleel Shaw, captured at the Seattle Art Museum by Daniel Sheehan of Eyeshot Jazzdig the whole set on his site

Hysterical shot of Miles Davis sticking his tongue out at LIFE photographer Robert Kelley in 1958…


When LIFE photographer Robert W. Kelley shot a few rolls of film at an intimate jazz gig on May 14, 1958, evidently neither he nor the magazine’s editors were jumping out of their skins with excitement…

Why the pictures — which capture the great, groundbreaking trumpeter, then just 31 years old, leading his band in an unnamed New York venue — never made it into print remains a mystery to this day.

(see more Miles Davis: Unpublished Photos of a Jazz Giant)

Pictured: “The Prince of Darkness” shows his goofy side at his gig in 1958.

Saxophonist Marcello Allulli of NoHayBanda Trio, performing live at Le Mura in Rome a few weeks ago, captured by Giulia Delprato…

NoHayBanda Trio @ Le Mura, Roma 25.01.2012 by d_arkshines on Flickr…

Happy Birthday to the legendary Eubie Blake… this photo was shared on Flickr by the CUNY Academic Commons…

Eubie Blake (by CUNY Academic Commons)